Aigars Atvars
Aigars Atvars
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A novel approach to quantitative spectroscopy of atoms in a magnetic field and applications based on an atomic vapor cell with
A Sargsyan, G Hakhumyan, A Papoyan, D Sarkisyan, A Atvars, M Auzinsh
Applied Physics Letters 93 (2), 021119, 2008
Ground-state magneto-optical resonances in cesium vapor confined in an extremely thin cell
C Andreeva, A Atvars, M Auzinsh, K Blush, S Cartaleva, L Petrov, ...
Physical Review A 76 (6), 063804, 2007
Study of atomic spectral lines in a magnetic field with use of a nanocell with the thickness L= λ
TS Varzhapetyan, GT Hakhumyan, VV Babushkin, DH Sarkisyan, A Atvars, ...
Journal of Contemporary Physics (Armenian Academy of Sciences) 42 (6), 223-229, 2007
Investigation of Rb D 1 atomic lines in strong magnetic fields by fluorescence from a half-wave-thick cell
G Hakhumyan, D Sarkisyan, A Sargsyan, A Atvars, M Auzinsh
Optics and Spectroscopy 108 (5), 685-692, 2010
Implementation of a double-scanning technique for studies of the Hanle effect in rubidium vapor
A Atvars, M Auzinsh, EA Gazazyan, AV Papoyan, SV Shmavonyan
The European Physical Journal D 44 (3), 411-417, 2007
Whispering gallery mode resonator and glucose oxidase based glucose biosensor
I Brice, K Grundsteins, A Atvars, J Alnis, R Viter, A Ramanavicius
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 318, 128004, 2020
Driving experience and special skills reflected in eye movements
R Paeglis, K Bluss, A Atvars
Infrared Sensors, Devices, and Applications; and Single Photon Imaging II …, 2011
Cascade coherence transfer and magneto-optical resonances at 455 nm excitation of cesium
M Auzinsh, R Ferber, F Gahbauer, A Jarmola, L Kalvans, A Atvars
Optics Communications 284 (12), 2863-2871, 2011
Eye movement analyses for obtaining Readability Formula for Latvian texts for primary school
A Atvars
Procedia Computer Science 104, 477-484, 2017
Whispering gallery mode resonators covered by a ZnO nanolayer
I Brice, R Viter, K Draguns, K Grundsteins, A Atvars, J Alnis, E Coy, ...
Optik 219, 165296, 2020
Development of optical WGM resonators for biosensors
I Brice, A Pirktina, A Ubele, K Grundsteins, A Atvars, R Viter, J Alnis
Biophotonics—Riga 2017 10592, 105920B, 2017
Quality Factor Measurements for PMMA WGM Microsphere Resonators Using Fixed Wavelength Laser and Temperature Changes
R Berkis, J Alnis, A Atvars, I Brice, K Draguns, K Grundsteins
2019 IEEE 9th International Conference Nanomaterials: Applications …, 2019
Whispering gallery mode resonators coated with Au nanoparticles
I Brice, K Grundsteins, A Atvars, J Alnis, R Viter
Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, Thin Films, and Devices …, 2019
Broadband Fabry–Pérot Resonator From Zerodur for Laser Stabilisation Below 1KHZ Linewidth With< 100 HZ/S Drift and Reduced Sensitivity to Vibrations
K Bluss, A Atvars, I Brice, J Alnis
Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences 52 (3), 11-20, 2015
Method for quantitative study of atomic transitions in magnetic field based on vapor nanocell with L={lambda}
A Papoyan, D Sarkisyan, G Hakhumyan, A Atvars, M Auzinsh
Computer modelling of WGM microresonators with a zinc oxide nanolayer using COMSOL multiphysics software
K Draguns, I Brice, A Atvars, J Alnis
Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XXIII 11672, 1167216, 2021
Mode family analysis for PMMA WGM micro resonators using spot intensity changes
R Berķis, J Alnis, I Brice, A Atvars, K Draguns, K Grundšteins, PK Reinis
Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XXIII 11672, 1167217, 2021
High-Sensitivity Whispering Gallery Mode Humidity Sensor Based on Glycerol Microdroplet Volumetric Expansion
PK Reinis, L Milgrave, K Draguns, I Brice, J Alnis, A Atvars
Sensors 21 (5), 1746, 2021
Miniature diode spectrometer design
A Atvars, S Khudaverdyan, M Lapkis, S Rudenko
International Conference on Space Optics—ICSO 2018 11180, 111806K, 2019
Whispering gallery mode resonator sensors referenced to saturated absorption lines in rubidium atoms and a fs frequency comb
I Brice, A Atvars, R Viter, J Alnis
The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, ch_p_30, 2019
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