Roberts Matisons
Roberts Matisons
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Tree growth influenced by warming winter climate and summer moisture availability in northern temperate forests
JE Harvey, M Smiljanić, T Scharnweber, A Buras, A Cedro, R Cruz‐García, ...
Global change biology 26 (4), 2505-2518, 2020
Influence of climate on tree-ring and earlywood vessel formation in Quercus robur in Latvia
R Matisons, G Brūmelis
Trees 26 (4), 1251-1266, 2012
Changes in climatic signals of English oak tree-ring width and cross-section area of earlywood vessels in Latvia during the period 1900–2009
R Matisons, D Elferts, G Brūmelis
Forest Ecology and Management 279, 34-44, 2012
Effect of initial fertilization on 34-year increment and wood properties of Norway spruce in Latvia
Ā Jansons, R Matisons, O Krišāns, B Džeriņa, M Zeps
Silva Fennica 50 (1), 8, 2016
The effect of climatic factors on height increment of Scots pine in sites differing by continentality in Latvia
Ā Jansons, R Matisons, M Zadiņa, L Sisenis, J Jansons
Silva Fennica 49 (3), 14, 2015
Pointer years in tree-ring width and earlywood-vessel area time series of Quercus robur—relation with climate factors near its northern distribution limit
R Matisons, D Elferts, G Brūmelis
Dendrochronologia 31 (2), 129-139, 2013
High-frequency variation of tree-ring width of some native and alien tree species in Latvia during the period 1965–2009
Ā Jansons, R Matisons, S Šēnhofa, J Katrevičs, J Jansons
Dendrochronologia 40, 151-158, 2016
Effect of climatic factors on height increment of Scots pine in experimental plantation in Kalsnava, Latvia
Ā Jansons, R Matisons, I Baumanis, L Puriņa
Forest Ecology and Management 306, 185-191, 2013
Height increment of hybrid aspen Populus tremuloides x P. tremula as a function of weather conditions in central part of Latvia
Ā Jansons, M Zeps, J Rieksts-Riekstiņš, R Matisons, O Krišāns
Silva Fennica 48 (5), 436-441, 2014
Relationships of height growth of lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. latifolia) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) with climatic factors in Zvirgzde, Latvia
A Jansons, R Matisons, Z Libiete-Zālīte, E Baders, J Rieksts-Riekstiņš
Baltic Forestry 19 (2), 236-244, 2013
Natural regeneration of common ash in young stands in Latvia
I Pušpure, R Matisons, M Laiviņš, T Gaitnieks, J Jansons
Baltic Forestry 23 (1), 209-217, 2017
Relationships between climatic variables and tree-ring width of European beech and European larch growing outside of their natural distribution area
Ā Jansons, R Matisons, L Puriņa, U Neimane, J Jansons
Silva Fennica 49 (1), 8, 2015
Dynamics of natural hemiboreal woodland in the Moricsala Reserve, Latvia: the studies of KR Kupffer revisited
G Brūmelis, I Dauškane, S Ikauniece, B Javoiša, K Kalviškis, L Madžule, ...
Scandinavian journal of forest research 26 (S10), 54-64, 2011
Genetic parameters of growth traits and stem quality of silver birch in a low-density clonal plantation
P Zeltiņš, R Matisons, A Gailis, J Jansons, J Katrevičs, Ā Jansons
Forests 9 (2), 52, 2018
The forest fire regime in Latvia during 1922–2014
J Donis, M Kitenberga, G Snepsts, R Matisons, J Zarins, A Jansons
Silva Fennica 51 (5), 7746, 2017
Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) range contraction and expansion in Europe under changing climate
R Puchałka, MK Dyderski, M Vítková, J Sádlo, M Klisz, M Netsvetov, ...
Global change biology 27 (8), 1587-1600, 2021
European beech in its northeasternmost stands in Europe: Varying climate-growth relationships among generations and diameter classes
R Matisons, L Puriņa, A Adamovičs, L Robalte, Ā Jansons
Dendrochronologia 45, 123-131, 2017
Influence of climate on earlywood vessel formation of Quercus robur at its northern distribution range in central regions of Latvia
R Matisons, I Dauškane
Acta Universitatis Latviensis 753, 49-58, 2009
A mixture of human and climatic effects shapes the 250-year long fire history of a semi-natural pine dominated landscape of Northern Latvia
M Kitenberga, I Drobyshev, D Elferts, R Matisons, A Adamovics, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 441, 192-201, 2019
Presence of root rot reduces stability of Norway spruce (Picea abies): Results of static pulling tests in Latvia
O Krisans, R Matisons, S Rust, N Burnevica, L Bruna, D Elferts, L Kalvane, ...
Forests 11 (4), 416, 2020
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