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Artis Mednis
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Real Time Pothole Detection Using Android Smartphones with Accelerometers
A Mednis, G Strazdins, R Zviedris, G Kanonirs, L Selavo
2011 International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems and …, 2011
Use of augmented and virtual reality in remote higher education: A systematic umbrella review
K Nesenbergs, V Abolins, J Ormanis, A Mednis
Education Sciences 11 (1), 8, 2020
Towards Vehicular Sensor Networks with Android Smartphones for Road Surface Monitoring
G Strazdins, A Mednis, G Kanonirs, R Zviedris, L Selavo
2011 Second International Workshop on Networks of Cooperating Objects (CONET), 2011
LynxNet: Wild Animal Monitoring Using Sensor Networks
R Zviedris, A Elsts, G Strazdins, A Mednis, L Selavo
Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks, 170-173, 2010
Embedded Solution for Road Condition Monitoring Using Vehicular Sensor Networks
A Mednis, A Elsts, L Selavo
2012 6th International Conference on Application of Information and …, 2012
RoadMic: Road Surface Monitoring Using Vehicular Sensor Networks with Microphones
A Mednis, G Strazdins, M Liepins, A Gordjusins, L Selavo
Networked Digital Technologies, Part II, 417-429, 2010
SADmote: A Robust and Cost-Effective Device for Environmental Monitoring
A Elsts, R Balass, J Judvaitis, R Zviedris, G Strazdins, A Mednis, L Selavo
Architecture of Computing Systems – ARCS 2012, 225-237, 2012
Virtual Ground Truth in Vehicular Sensing Experiments: How to Mark it Accurately
G Strazdins, A Mednis, R Zviedris, G Kanonirs, L Selavo
2011 5th International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications …, 2011
RFID Communication: How Well Protected Against Reverse Engineering?
A Mednis, R Zviedris
2012 Second International Conference on Digital Information Processing and …, 2012
Classification of actual sensor network deployments in research studies from 2013 to 2017
J Judvaitis, A Mednis, V Abolins, A Skadins, D Lapsa, R Rava, M Ivanovs, ...
Data 5 (4), 93, 2020
Implementation of Participatory Sensing Approach in Mobile Vehicle Based Sensor Networks
A Mednis
Baltic Journal of Modern Computing 1 (1-2), 1-8, 2013
Team “Latvia” GCDC 2011 Technical Paper
G Strazdins, A Gordjusins, G Kanonirs, V Kurmis, A Mednis, R Zviedris, ...
Localization Using Digitally Steerable Antennas
L Selavo, I Drikis, A Mednis
Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition - IPSN 2014, 2014
IMilePost: Embedded Solution for Dangerous Road Situation Warnings
N Agafonovs, A Skageris, G Strazdins, A Mednis
2013 1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Modelling and …, 2013
The definitive guide to actual sensor network deployments in research studies from 2013–2017: A systematic review
J Judvaitis, V Abolins, A Mednis, R Balass, K Nesenbergs
Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks 11 (4), 68, 2022
Bayesian Network Approach to Vehicle Mode Monitoring Using Embedded System with 3-axis Accelerometer
A Elsts, A Mednis, L Selavo
International Journal of Imaging and Robotics 12 (1), 67-80, 2014
Adaptive Vehicle Mode Monitoring Using Embedded Devices with Accelerometers
A Mednis, G Kanonirs, L Selavo
Highlights on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 231-238, 2012
Development of 802.11p Testbed - Experiences
A Mednis
2014 14th Biennial Conference on Electronics and Embedded Systems (BEC), 137-140, 2014
Heterogeneous Tool Kit for Real-Time Edutainment
R Zviedris, A Mednis, G Mednis
2012 5th International Scientific Conference on Applied Information and …, 2012
A Multimodal Approach for Determination of Vehicle Position
A Mednis
Workshops on Business Informatics Research, 223-235, 2011
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