Aleksandr Kalinko
Aleksandr Kalinko
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Ab initio study of the electronic and atomic structure of the wolframite-type ZnWO4
A Kalinko, A Kuzmin, RA Evarestov
Solid State Communications 149 (11-12), 425-428, 2009
Atomic structure relaxation in nanocrystalline NiO studied by EXAFS spectroscopy: Role of nickel vacancies
A Anspoks, A Kalinko, R Kalendarev, A Kuzmin
Physical Review B 86 (17), 174114, 2012
Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy of zinc tungstate powders
A Kalinko, A Kuzmin
Journal of Luminescence 129 (10), 1144-1147, 2009
Probing the oxygen vacancy distribution in resistive switching Fe-SrTiO3 metal-insulator-metal-structures by micro-x ray absorption near-edge structure
C Lenser, A Kuzmin, J Purans, A Kalinko, R Waser, R Dittmann
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (7), 076101, 2012
Spectroscopic study of the electric field induced valence change of Fe-defect centers in SrTiO 3
C Lenser, A Kalinko, A Kuzmin, D Berzins, J Purans, K Szot, R Waser, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (46), 20779-20786, 2011
Ab initio LCAO study of the atomic, electronic and magnetic structures and the lattice dynamics of triclinic CuWO4
A Kuzmin, A Kalinko, RA Evarestov
Acta Materialia 61 (1), 371-378, 2013
High-flux XAFS-beamline P64 at PETRA III
WA Caliebe, V Murzin, A Kalinko, M Görlitz
AIP Conference Proceedings 2054 (1), 060031, 2019
First-principles LCAO study of phonons in NiWO4
A Kuzmin, A Kalinko, RA Evarestov
Central European Journal of Physics 9 (2), 502-509, 2011
Electronic excitations in ZnWO4 and ZnxNi1− x WO4 (x= 0.1− 0.9) using VUV synchrotron radiation
A Kalinko, A Kotlov, A Kuzmin, V Pankratov, A Popov, L Shirmane
Open Physics 9 (2), 432-437, 2011
Luminescence properties of ZnO nanocrystals and ceramics
L Grigorjeva, D Millers, J Grabis, C Monty, A Kalinko, K Smits, V Pankratov, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 55 (3), 1551-1555, 2008
Temperature dependence of the local structure and lattice dynamics of wurtzite-type ZnO
J Timoshenko, A Anspoks, A Kalinko, A Kuzmin
Acta materialia 79, 194-202, 2014
Probing NiO nanocrystals by EXAFS spectroscopy
A Anspoks, A Kuzmin, A Kalinko, J Timoshenko
Solid State Communications 150 (45-46), 2270-2274, 2010
Static and dynamic structure of ZnWO4 nanoparticles
A Kalinko, A Kuzmin
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 357 (14), 2595-2599, 2011
Interpretation of EXAFS in ReO3 using molecular dynamics simulations
A Kalinko, RA Evarestov, A Kuzmin, J Purans
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 190 (1), 012080, 2009
Thermal disorder and correlation effects in anti-perovskite-type copper nitride
J Timoshenko, A Anspoks, A Kalinko, A Kuzmin
Acta Materialia 129, 61-71, 2017
New high-pressure/low-temperature set-up available at the AILES beamline
A Voute, M Deutsch, A Kalinko, F Alabarse, JB Brubach, F Capitani, ...
Vibrational Spectroscopy 86, 17-23, 2016
First-principles LCAO calculations on 5d transition metal oxides: electronic and phonon properties
RA Evarestov, A Kalinko, A Kuzmin, M Losev, J Purans
Integrated Ferroelectrics 108 (1), 1-10, 2009
New experimental set-ups for studying nanoconfined water on the AILES beamline at SOLEIL
S Dalla Bernardina, F Alabarse, A Kalinko, P Roy, M Chapuis, N Vita, ...
Vibrational Spectroscopy 75, 154-161, 2014
Local structure relaxation in nanosized tungstates
A Anspoks, A Kalinko, J Timoshenko, A Kuzmin
Solid state communications 183, 22-26, 2014
The use of X-ray absorption spectra for validation of classical force-field models
A Kuzmin, A Anspoks, A Kalinko, J Timoshenko
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 230 (4), 537-549, 2016
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