Boros Tiberiu
Boros Tiberiu
Machine Learning Engineer at Adobe
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NLP-Cube: End-to-end raw text processing with neural networks
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Fast and Accurate Decision Trees for Natural Language Processing Tasks.
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Crowd-sourced, automatic speech-corpora collection–Building the Romanian Anonymous Speech Corpus
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Robust deep-learning models for text-to-speech synthesis support on embedded devices
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Large tagset labeling using Feed Forward Neural Networks. Case study on Romanian Language
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A Unified Lexical Processing Framework Based on the Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm. A Case Study on the Romanian Language
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Tools and resources for Romanian text-to-speech and speech-to-text applications
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RSS-TOBI-A Prosodically Enhanced Romanian Speech Corpus
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Script and command line exploitation detection
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US Patent 11,146,580, 2021
Corola starts blooming–an update on the reference corpus of contemporary romanian language
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Handling two difficult challenges for text-to-speech synthesis systems: out-of-vocabulary words and prosody: a case study in Romanian
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Where Humans Meet Machines: Innovative Solutions for Knotty Natural-Language …, 2013
Bermuda, a data-driven tool for phonetic transcription of words
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Experiments on language and translation models adaptation for statistical machine translation
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RACAI GEC–a hybrid approach to grammatical error correction
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Romanian to English Automatic MT Experiments at IWSLT12
ŞD Dumitrescu, R Ion, D Ştefănescu, T Boroş, D Tufiş
Proceedings IWSLT 2012, 2012
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